The American Dream Is An Illusion Essay

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Great Gatsby Essay: The American Dream is an Illusion By: Nyashaateh Tut

The American Dream. It is a Utopia ideal that has been absorbed by the minds of Americans. It is a dream that states that anyone can achieve great success through hard work and perseverance. However, in time the ideal has become distorted. People have now guided the American Dream to more of a materialistic and selfish pursuit of pleasure. In continuation, not everyone has been able to achieve the vision, even with hard work. Since the Dream is available to “anyone who chooses to pursuit it”, how are those who have failed different from those who have succeeded? This proves that the American Dream is an illusion. This can be seen during the 1930’s ‘Great Depression’, the 2008 ‘Stock Crash’ and the character Jay Gatsby in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel, “The Great Gatsby”. Through the character Gatsby the realities of the Dream are revealed. A quantity of these realities include, that one’s chance of achieving the dream are limited if not a white male. Secondly, an individual must be in the secret club of elitist or respect may be compromised. Lastly, even after achieving financial success it won’t live up to expectations. To begin, Jay Gatsby is a character who created a disguise within his journey of achieving success. Near the ending of the novel, readers are put at awe when narrator Nick explains the tale of which Jay…

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