Essay about The Allegory Of The Cave

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Republic Books VI-VII Relating to Plato’s Approach to Education
(Plato’s Pedagogy Relating to Republic VI, VII and Our Own Education) In Plato’s Republic Book VI, Socrates speaks about the philosopher king and in Book VII he tells the Allegory of the Cave, both relate to the education of the republic or of the group. When Socrates is speaking of the philosopher king in Book VI, he tells his students about the order of education and how to thin out the group into the society’s different groups. He explains what goodness by using The Analogy of the Sun in Book VI. In Book VII, the Allegory of the cave is the overall, final answer to the question of what justice, and the allegory illustrates the four states of mind, the two kinds of belief, and the two kinds of knowledge. The questions Books I, V have been leading up to, what is justice, what is the ideal republic, and how do you form the ideal individual to create the ideal republic, are finally answered in Books VI, VII. In Republic Book VI, Socrates explains to his student what the philosopher king has to be an ideal ruler. A philosopher would be a great ruler, Socrates says, because he strives from the truth and what is good, and since he strives towards the truth, his desires for wealth, pleasure, and honor are diminished slightly and aren’t found so important in his eyes. If the desire of wealth, honor, pleasure, etc. are lesser than that of truth, then the philosopher, as a ruler, would do his best to benefit the…

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