The Acceptable Definition Of Indigenous People Essays

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The acceptable definition of Indigenous people according to are people defined in international or national legislation as having a set of specific rights based on their historical ties to a particular territory, and their cultural of historical ties to a particular territory, and their cultural or historical distinctiveness from other populations that are often politically dominant.
The resolution 70/232 was adopted at the seventieth session of the General Assembly on December 23rd, 2015. It was titled “Rights of indigenous peoples”. The resolution encouraged the active engagement of indigenous peoples and ensured their participation in the implementation of the 2030 sustainable development goals. It highlighted the major issues indigenous peoples faced around the world. Mainly the lack of fundamental freedoms and violence against their women, lack of representation in all levels at the United Nations, and alarming suicide rates. The resolution expressed the need for empowerment, combating child labor, improving the image of indigenous peoples. It conveyed the importance of value in the diversity and originality in any culture that Indigenous Peoples embodied.
The resolution pointed out that Indigenous have a great deal of knowledge about their lands and the natural resources their habitats contains. It admonishes their use of traditional sustainable agricultural methods. It also goes on to encourage the Member States to support them with financial…

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