Textual Analysis Of Race And The Moon By John F. Kennedy Essay

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Textual Analysis of “Race to the Moon” Speech
I have chosen to do a textual analysis about a speech made by John F. Kennedy, known as the “Race to the Moon” speech. President Kennedy delivered his speech at Rice University in Houston, Texas on September 12, 1962. Kennedy used many rhetorical features to convince his audience that they should support his already made decision to competitively enter the race with the world, particularly with the Soviet Union, and to help America see the benefits of this. The incredibleness of this task has paved for space exploration in today’s world. Giving credit to Kennedy, America today is trying to reach mars and we may not be as advanced today if it was not for the push this speech gave space exploration in the 60’s. This was at the time of the Cold War and Russia was a threat to the U.S. Russia was testing nuclear bombs and threatened the U.S. to use them. Children in school were practicing bomb drills and citizens were getting ready for disaster. Covered by CBC News, is an article that demonstrates this terror. During the Cold War a young child overheard her parents discussing the Soviet Union engaging in nuclear bomb testing at the North Pole. She was worried about Santa Clause being harmed and she decided to write a letter to her president, John F. Kennedy. Kennedy responded to her that Santa was safe from harm. This news coverage portrays the general feelings of American citizens.
Because of the terror present, Kennedy had to…

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