Television's Downfall? Essay

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Kapil Balkaran
Professor Matthew Mecs
March 31, 2013
Television's Downfall?

Television has been an important source of media in our culture, before television there was radio, and before that there was print. Today, as technology continues to advance, so does the way that we obtain our media. Computers are now another window that viewers add to their media consumption habits. Access to the internet allows a virtually limitless source of entertainment. Movies, which once could only be seen in theaters eventually became available in the home through VHS and ultimately through BluRay. Brick and mortar stores like Blockbuster had immense success offering consumers the ability to rent movies upon release; but today these
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Viewers can watch whatever is available at anytime. Viewers also are granted the ability to fast-forward, rewind, and pause the media, something a traditional television user is unable to do without the use of a DVR. Another great benefit of these streaming services is the ability to track and recommend shows and movies based on previous viewing habits. While networks have to wait for Nielsen ratings before they can improve the shows that are available, it is never as direct and user-targeted as a streaming site that can track a movie that was just watched and recommend something else just seconds later. Advertisements are the lifeblood for many television networks, even many “paid-for” cable networks have commercials. Streaming services either limit the amount of commercials or get rid of it all together. Viewers can watch the same show available on television in less time, which in this fast paced culture can prove to be an important leg up that streaming services have over television. Getting rid of the time restrictions and interruptions also create for new viewing habits that were never seen before the advent of sites like Netflix, and that is the idea of “binge viewing” or “marathon watching.” With the ability to access whole seasons of shows without commercial interruptions or having to wait a specific time for the next episode to air, viewers are now watching a whole seasons

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