Essay on Taoism And The Asian Culture

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Have you ever been to Asian before? The Asian culture is an aggregation of diverse traditions, habits, and social values that come from the key of the Asian society. Also, the different forms of Asian cultures and religions are widely popular and make a big influence all around the world nowadays. Especially of east part of Asia. China, Korea and Japan are three main countries until now. For most part of east Asian, people have in common an emphasis on the significant things such as individual’s integration with nature, family and society. It is different between Western monotheist traditions
As a Chinese study in the USA, I am pretty sure is a good way to communicate with people who are from different countries and have different cultures and religions. There are five religions that have been recognized as officially sanctioned religions in China: Buddhism, Taoism, Islam, Catholicism and Protestantism. However, Taoism is the only one religion that actually come and develop in China. “The religion is loosely based on the writings of Laotzu or Laozi -- "Old Philosopher" -- and calls for returning to the Dao, or Tao, the mystical "way" that unites all of creation. Centered on the idea of "nonaction," Taoism offers a refuge from society and the trap of material success. Although scholars once distinguished between philosophical Taoism, which is based more on the philospher Zhuang, and religious Taoism, today most see the two strains as closely related.” Based on the…

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