Essay about Synopsis Of The Roman Empire

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Synopsis: The Roman Empire is one of the most extensive empires in ancient history. It extended all over around the Mediterranean Sea. This empire began as a republic, and then after the civil war, became the Roman Empire. It had a lot of great emperors. One of this emperor was Constantine I, also known as Constantine the Great. Constantine ruled during the early 4th century. He was most famous for giving permission to practice Christianity within the Roman Empire. Constantine also built a city called Constantinople that was located in Byzantium.
Early life: “Constantine (Gaius Flavius Valerius Constantinus) was born at Naissus in present day Serbia as early as 272 CE or as late as 285 CE” (Wasson). His parents were Constantius Chlorus and Helena. His father worked as an official in the Roman army and then later on, he became Caesar of the western part of the Empire. His mother was a maid inn and she was within the lower class. His childhood was spent training to be a soldier of the Roman Empire and to follow the steps of his beloved father that was a lot of influence to him, but later on he spent more time in the Imperial court with his father.
When Constantine was born, a big crisis happened in the Roman Empire. The Emperor Marcus Aurelius died. This tragedy, caused the Empire to get in often conflicts to decide what was going to happen politically speaking since this Emperor died with no heir to the throne. The Empire tried really hard to get out of the political…

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