Essay on Symptoms And Treatment Of Cancer

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In the article “Cancer Facts & Figures 2016” from The American Cancer Society it states, cancer is a group of diseases characterized from uncontrolled growth and abnormal cells spreading. If the spreading of the cells becomes uncontrolled the results are death. The types of cancer a person can get are, breast, uterine cervix, colon and rectum, uterine, leukemia, lung and bronchus, skin, lymphoma prostate and bladder. For childhood cancer there are nine popular cancers. The three most common cancer are is leukemia, brain and nervous system tumors and neuroblatoma. Leukemia at 30%, Brain and Central Nervous System Tumors at 26% and Neuroblastoma at 6%. Some of the causes of cancer are unhealthy diets, tobacco, immune conditions, genetics, hormones, and etc. Some of the forms of treatment would be chemotherapy, surgery, radiation, hormone therapy, immune therapy, music therapy, physical therapy, etc. (American Cancer Society, 2016)
When a child is first diagnosed with cancer, their whole life changes, as does the life of their family. Depending on what stage the cancer is, the child might be forced to change their whole lifestyle. Once a child is diagnosed, the first physical effect they might experience is anxiety. The child has anxiety about the cancer in itself. They fear the treatments, the pain and the possible outcome of death. Their families fear for the child’s life and begin to feel the same amount of anxiety as the child does. In the article “The…

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