Essay on Symptoms And Diagnosis Of Alzheimer 's Dementia

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Alzheimer 's dementia (AD) is usually confused with other dementia caused by different diseases. To diagnose AD study patients are often recruited from nursing homes, memory clinics or clinical practice. Poor knowledge of Alzheimer’s dementia in the public is of major concern. The purpose of this research is to use reviews on Alzheimer 's dementia to inform the public on its diagnosis and the prevalence in the contemporary world. The study uses both qualitative and quantitative research methods to explore and inform people about the causes and diagnosis of the condition. Findings indicate that Alzheimer’s dementia causes memory loss in individuals aged 65 years and above. The clinical diagnosis entails cognitive, experimental and laboratory experiments.

Alzheimer 's Dementia
Alzheimer 's dementia is among the common neurodegenerative disorders. The disease is a heterogeneous pathological condition which leads to deterioration of particular parts of the central nervous system ensuing in movement or cognitive impairment (Ardekani, Bermudez, Mubeen, Bachman, & Alzheimer’s disease Neuroimaging Initiative, 2016). The prevalent type of dementia is caused by Alzheimer 's dementia accounting for approximately 50-60 percent of all cases (Mortamais et al., 2016). The ailment is characterized by progressive cognitive impairment and changes in personality and behavior. It affects the central nervous system (CNS) area such as the hippocampus and…

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