Essay on Symbols Of Kill A Mockingbird By Harper Lee

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The Town of Maycomb

Symbols express meaning behind an object or something of value. Expression, through thoughts and feeling help determine the deeper meaning. Maycomb, a town filled with people of all types of personalities, made up of the symbols of the town and helps show how where a person lives show a deeper meaning. Maycomb is a petite town in Alabama, the book the is set during the Great Depression. With that most people were separated not only by wealth but by there skin In Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird, the town of Maycomb has countless symbolic characteristics.

In To Kill a Mockingbird,symbolize is shown in one of the worst part of Maycomb the dump. In the beginning of the book, on Scout 's first day of school the Ewells go to school for that day and that day only. The Ewells are a family that have lost their mother there are 7 boys, 1 girl, Mayella and their dad Bob. They are poorest people in Maycomb. Atticus says to Scout, "There are ways of keeping them in school by force, but it 's silly to force people like the Ewells"(Lee 30). The Ewells don 't want to school they would rather help out there dad and make money then go to school and learn. Atticus tries to help Scout understand that they shouldn 't be changed, that 's how they are going to act no matter how much society forces them. With the Ewells being poor, they shower about 2 times a year which might sound crazy now but back then that wasn 't so uncommon. The rest of the town feels bad for…

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