Symbolism Of The Color Red By Edith Wharton Essay

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In Ethan Frome by Edith Wharton, symbolism plays a major role in the story. In order for the symbols in his story to “pop” out or show its “shine” Edith Wharton uses symbols that can be found in the story, and even uses the historical background that the symbol may have in society or in myths, for the symbols that appear in the story. In Edith Wharton story Ethan Frome, the symbols that are important in the story and in its plot are the color red, Zeena’s pet cat, Zeena’s best dish which got shattered into millions of pieces, and the white winter snow that falls over Starkfield. Although many would think that these four symbols that are mention are not really important at all, but in reality, these four symbols do in fact play a major role in the story in both a good way and in a bad way.
In Ethan Frome, the color red can show many things that one cannot see on their own. Many people believed that the color red means love, happiness, and passion; it can also mean blood, lust and even sexuality. This symbol is very important in the story due to the fact that the color red can be used to describe the characters that the author Edith Wharton has in the story. For Example, Mattie, in the story she is described as a girl with “her scarf, her lips, her checks, [and] her ribbon” (Hattenhauer 226) which has the red in it to describe her characteristics. Not only that the color is used to describe characters physically, but also the “primary behavior is also influence by [the color]…

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