The Symbolism Of Pearl In The Scarlet Letter

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The Scarlet Letter, a novel on the subject of Pearl used as symbolism by Nathaniel Hawthorne. Pearl is used as a symbol by Hawthorne throughout the novel. If Pearl were not to be in this novel, the novel would not be easily perceived to the intended meaning. Pearl is used as a symbol throughout the novel by her changing Dimmesdale’s actions, her realization of the scarlet from infancy, and her outburst at the brookside. To start, Pearl is used as a symbol throughout the novel by changing the way Dimmesdale acts, talks, and feels. When the family conversed in the forest, Pearl had changed the way Dimmesdale thinks with reference to other things. “...never had man spoken in so wise, so high, and so holy a spirit, as he that spake this day…”(Hawthorne …show more content…
“...she amused herself with gathering handfuls of wild-flowers, and flinging them, one by one, at her mother’s bosom; dancing up and down, like a little elf, whenever she hit the scarlet letter!” (Hawthorne 107). This quote proves that from a little girl, Pearl acknowledges Hester’s scarlet letter and she is devoted to make sure Hester also acknowledges it. Pearl constantly seems to be bugging her mother about her scarlet letter. “‘Come thou and take it up!’ answered Pearl” (Hawthorne 232). Pearl does not recognize her mother without her scarlet letter and she does not respect it. She identifies her mother must wear it at all times and she must wear it for the same reason Dimmesdale holds his chest. Pearl has consistently known her mother as wearing the scarlet letter and she has never seen her without it. Pearl does not like that she has taken it off so she tells Hester to come pick it up herself. “A double-natured anomaly, torturing her mother with misgivings of her natural origin, she exhibits even in babyhood an uncanny curiosity concerning Hester’s scarlet letter. From early childhood, she displays unearthly inquisitiveness about the minister’s habit of placing his hand over his heart” (McNamara 81). Pearl has always noticed the scarlet letter on her mother’s bosom, and how the minister clenches his hand over his heart. She knew he held his heart for the same reason her mother had her scarlet letter. “‘And will he always keep his hand over his heart?’ inquired Pearl” (Hawthorne 234). Pearl wonders why he will not admit his sin and if he will at all times keep his hand over his heart even after he admits his sin. Pearl asks if he will love them, and if he will keep his hand over his heart after he admits to loving them. Comprehensively, because Pearl acknowledged her mother’s scarlet letter and the way

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