Essay about Sylvia Plath 's Life Of Writing

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A world full of pain and suffering, and female poet, novelist, and motive Sylvia Plath came to be one of today’s most powerful writers. She is very associated with confessional poetry, which is a style of writing in which authors focus on themselves and detailed issues in their personal lives; she gets as personal as talking about her suicidal thoughts and wishes for death– even upon others! Writers Anne Sexton, Emily Dickinson, and Emily Brontë influenced Plath to pursue a life of writing even if it was a “man’s world” at the time. She wanted to offer real, sincere literature to the world to give humanity a sense of consolation. American poet Sylvia Plath exhibits darkness and deep meaning in her works, which stems from her austere life, leads to her intellectual influence in modern literature, and separates her style of writing from other authors. In 1932, Aurelia Schober married Otto Plath, her professor at Boston University; Sylvia Plath was born later that year. Before her life actually even began, Sylvia had to grow up knowing her father was also her mother’s college professor which can definitely create discomfort in the home, along with embarrassment for Sylvia. When she was just eight years old, her father died of serious problems with diabetes. His strict, autocratic demands for obedience and his death really shaped Plath as a writer and her relationships. At the age of 11, she kept a journal that she wrote in and published poems in local magazines and newspapers;…

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