Essay about Summary Of ' The Overeager And The Mastermind Manipulator '

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The Overeager and the Mastermind Manipulator During the twenties, the defined roles of husband and wife were meant to assist their partners to developing their better self; the ideal couple consisted of a witty, charming, entertaining, and welcoming husband, and a wife maintained elegance, dignity, loveliness, played the part of the perfect hostess, and provide support to her husband. Tom however, is a stark contrast with this idyllic dream; in fact, he appears to have little invested in fulfilling his role. Daisy on the other hand, fits the mold of the wife, even extending herself into the role of the man as well. The overextension can only be explained by Tom’s shortcomings; she adamantly tries to make up for his weaknesses, attempting to fix their disintegrating marriage. While Daisy tries so hard, Tom puts in no effort, even pushing against her efforts in creating her fantasy. Whereas Daisy conforms to societies ideals of the successful housewife, Tom displays little remorse for the chaotic mess he creates, thus assuring that while unfair, Daisy’s happiness while confined to the role of housewife cannot be fulfilled. Tom reveals no remorse for neither his insensitive, gauche actions nor for his infidelity with other women, suggesting that conforming to the role of the idyllic husband is not of interest to him. While Daisy is apologetic after disappearing to deal with Tom and his mistress during the Buchnan’s dinner party with Nick and Jordan, Tom has no apology in…

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