Substance Use Disorder And Substance Abuse Disorder Essay

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Substance Use Disorder

April Young-McArthur , PSY 211

Eastern Gateway Community College

Substance use disorder is a national health concern affecting close to 22 million Americans. Most Americans are affected in some way by addiction. It is in every community, affects families, destroys friendships and takes a toll on the national health care cost. Defeating substance abuse is only possible when one understands how substance abuse disorder works and affects the body.

According to the Psychology of Addiction: Substances classified as drugs variously stimulate, sedate, cause hallucination, alleviate pain prevent infection, or anesthetize.(McMurran, 1994, pg. 2) Substance abuse disorder is a pattern of abnormal behaviors induced by the use of psychoactive substances.(Nevid, 2014,pg.291) Substance abuse disorder is a result of habitual substance intoxication leading to state of tolerance. When tolerance is developed the addict requires more chemical substance to reach and or maintain a high and use become increasingly frequent in order to function . This is addiction.

Signs of chemical dependence include withdraw after use and mental fixation. Users may lie, steal and manipulate in order to manage their addiction. Addicts may become withdraw and antisocial unless stimulated by the prospect of getting high. Prolonged use may also result in paranoia and mood swings.

There are four categories at…

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