Structural Elements In The Possibility Of Evil By Shirley Jackson

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Shirley Jackson’s Stories
Shirley Jackson’s stories The Possibility of Evil and The Lottery are full of literary structural elements. Many authors use structural elements while creating a purpose and meaning while writing. Structural elements are used as a template in writing to help the reader better understand the nuances of the story. In other words, by giving the reader structural elements it helps create a foundation for the writing of the story. Not only do the majority of authors use structural elements in their writing, but it is also necessary writing a successful story. Although all authors use different structural elements for different genres, literary structural elements justify the intentions of the author through the use
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Tone is shown throughout stories to give insight to the author’s feelings by using specific vocabulary especially in The Possibility of Evil. This story contains so much evidence for tone it is almost hard not to comprehend what the author wants the reader to feel. The story’s name has the word evil in it and even before you start to read you might have a feeling of forebodence due to this startling title. Also, the reader is introduced in the first sentence to “Miss Adela Strangeworth...” (p. 1, line 1). Her name (STRANGEworth) may infer that something isn’t going to be unusual in this book. Also, In Shirley Jackson’s book The Lottery tone can definitely be portrayed by the selection of specific adjectives to describe the villagers. In the story the Lottery people the reader is despised by the author thinking that a lottery is a good thing, but it’s not in this case. Shirley Jackson uses very vivid adjectives to describe the tone to us reader “They grinned at one another humorlessly and nervously” (p. 3, par. 9). This quote will lead right into the author’s thinking towards tone is, and how “...there was a long pause, a breathless pause...” (p. 5, par. 3). shows how the tone will be set in the story. In the final analysis thanks to choice of vocabulary and other key details tone can be a very helpful structural element, and guide the reader through their …show more content…
Shirley Jackson exhibits these structural elements through vivid words and the figurative language. Shirley Jackson’s vocabulary shows that she wants to create a picture in the reader’s mind to help them better understand the story. Creating a picture using strong words is important in some of the author’s tactics as well. Another reason creating pictures in a reader’s mind is so that they can make connections with other things in their lives, but also relate more to the story. Not only do tone, theme, and story message develop stories for most authors, but guides the reader’s thoughts to better learn lessons from the

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