Strengths And Strengths Of The Positive Psychological Capital

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Using Strengths to Increase Motivation
The Positive psychological capital (PsyCap) is somewhat a new concept in Organizational Behavior and is part of the Positive Organizational Behavior (POB) movement. Often the concept can be broken down into four components; the first is Hope, this is determined when it comes to goals and if it is required they will redirect the path in order to achieve the goal. The second part is Efficiency, this has to do with having the confidence to take on and put in the needed effort to succeed. The third part is Resiliency; this deals with being affected by issues and hardship and having the ability to come back and surpass these problems in order to attain success. The final part is Optimism; this comes down to having a positive view in regards to present and future success. It is said that those individuals with high levels of PsyCap also possess high levels of the four categories. “It is important to understand the components of your PsyCap because it is flexible and it has been shown to predict many of the outcomes in the Integrative Framework in desirable ways, such as increased job satisfaction, organizational commitment, and well-being, and decreased intentions to quit, job stress, anxiety, and counterproductive work behaviors.”(….)

After taking the PsyCap self-assessment, I placed in the “high level of PsyCap” in all four categories. I have to agree with the results I received. I consider myself to be a positive individual, my…

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