Stopping The Spread Of Disease Essay

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In today 's society, there are ways to prevent disease and infection. The two main ways to prevent the spread of disease is to use hand sanitizers, or to wash your hands. Many say that hand sanitizers kill the pathogens, or “microorganisms that causes disease that accumulate on your hands” (Krystine). Also, people say that hand washing is the best way to prevent pathogens from spreading, which is true. In the past, before people were educated on the risk factors of not being sanitary, sickness spread. Surgeons, nurses, and doctors did not wash their hands between patients. Because of this unsanitary method, many people were getting sick and also dying. Joseph Lister is known as the Father of Surgery. With his new discovery of the aseptic technique, world now knows that hand washing is the most effective way to control the spread of pathogens because, while you wash your hands with soap and water, it kills more germs than hand sanitizer would. In the late 1800s, surgical practice was changed forever. Joseph Lister, who was born in Essex in London, was a professor of surgery in Glasgow in 1860. Ever since he was a little lad he was always interested in surgery. He was there during the first surgical procedure using anesthetic in 1846. He is also one of the most important men in health care history. He is the person who introduced the aseptic technique to the world. “Aseptic technique is a method that is followed to prevent the spread of pathogens” (Simmers). After reading…

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