Stopping Eating Disorders Essay

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Stopping Eating Disorders
Many things can led to the development of an eating disorder. The reasons why some people develop eating disorders range from peer-pressure to depression. People with eating disorders seem to be increasing as years pass. This leads to an important question. Is there an effective way to solve and put a stop to others developing an eating disorder?
Firstly, are the types of eating disorders and why people develop them. Anorexia is a type of eating disorder that involves people refusing to eat or eating extremely small amounts of food and exercise vigorously. Researchers hypothesize that anorexia may be caused by biological, psychological, and social factors (Ross-Flanigan 1329). One possible cause is that the parents
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Anorexia is usually discovered in adolescents that are undergoing stressful circumstance (Ross-Flanigan 1329). Some of these situations could include moving to a different city, switching schools, or experiencing puberty (Ross-Flanigan 1329). These stressful circumstances could cause teenagers to have low self-esteem, fear of not being able to be in control, and fear of getting older, which are common features found in those with anorexia (Ross-Flanigan 1329). Furthermore, younger people commonly have a higher need for approval from peers and family and are exposed to the culture’s glorification of thinness (Ross-Flanigan 1329). Because of our culture has a definite ideal on body image, younger people may start to think that the only way that they could be viewed as attractive to others, is to be thin. They could being to consider not eating as a way to lose weight quickly, so they can then become more appealing to others as quickly as possible . Once they stop eating on a temporary basis, it may have already led to an eating disorder. Since there are many reasons someone may develop anorexia, it makes that much more dangerous as so many things can trigger …show more content…
The causes discussed above are numerous and some are similar to one another. But what should be done in order to prevent and stop the rise of eating disorders? First of all, parents need to be comfortable with in their own bodies despite their size or shape (Jules 15). The parents also need to emphasize how important it is to have nourished and physically-fit bodies, rather than how skinny someone is (Jules, 15). These kinds of parents provide an ideal role-model for their children and the people around them (Juels, 15).This could be because these types of parents show their children and other young people around them that having a thin body doesn’t mean happiness. Since the parents are comfortable with their bodies, the children may follow suit and become comfortable with their bodies. On the other hand, parents who are unsatisfied and critical with their own or other people’s bodies, show their children the opposite (Jules 15). These parents puts the importance of one’s physical appearance and this could demote a child’s body-esteem (Jules 15). This could mean that if society as a whole needs to put less emphasis on how thin or fat someone is and instead help set examples of how to be comfortable with their

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