Stakeholder Salience Essay

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Stakeholder Salience
Grand Canyon University
ORG 807: Stakeholders in Organizations
Ron McCullough
October 16, 2013

As the push for globalization has demanded coalitions between countries, government organizations, and political party systems, there has been a great impact on the power and legitimacy of each organization that plays a part in this process. Dynamic groups have sprung forward to assess the validity of other groups, and calls for recognition on a global scale have had some countries and political organization demand it be accepted as an entity with a base of power that can negotiate under sovereignty. Group formation gives rise to identity, and by looking through a specific set of lenses, other organizations may adopt
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The phenomena of balancing the three criteria that make up stakeholder salience (power, legitimacy and urgency) can also confer that by having only two of the three criteria, specifically power and legitimacy, can bestow stakeholder statue (Hurrell, 2013). By stating “The urgency attribute provides a dynamic dimension to the salience framework, helpful and relevant in the prioritization of stakeholder claims, but irrelevant in the identification of stakeholders” (p. 362), Hurrell (2013) asserts a definitive stakeholder will possess all three criteria, but all three need not be present to be a stakeholder in general. However, when prioritizing the three criteria, the order of importance is noted that power is the principle criteria to being a credible stakeholder of an organization, followed by legitimacy.
Sebastian Haunns’ (2009) work on legitimacy gives rise to the theoretical research of social movements. He claims “Social movements challenge their opponents’ legitimacy almost by definition. Their claims are not only about changing policies or fulfilling demands, but usually also contain an element of criticism concerning the established procedures of decision making” (p. 6). Thus, a legitimate social movement can challenge a legitimate

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