Stakeholder Concerns Of The Executive Network Essay

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Stakeholder Concerns
In order to optimize and upgrade the Leonard Cooper Network, I will have to understand and solve the current concerns of the stakeholders. The results from the interview conducted on four stakeholders indicate that: the existing network sometimes gets congested, collisions proliferate, and the network’s throughput slows down when the teachers report simultaneously on attendance and check emails. The existing bandwidth of the network is 10Mb and the fifty networked printers occasionally get all filled up. As such, the HVAC technician deems it convenient for wireless access points to be installed and all the 23 classrooms located in the new wing be added to the network. In addition, there are slow connections, especially to the distant mail server and they have the desire for integration of VoIP into the current data network. Lastly, the new and old wing backbone switches, which are 120 meters apart from each other, are linked by a twisted pair wiring which is slow.
The solution package
The problem that needs immediate solution is the existing network capacity, which currently stands at 10Mb. The solution that is preferable is Category 6 UTP 1000Base F Ethernet cabling. This is because it will serve by increasing the maximum data transfer rate to a hundredfold; implying that the 10Mb will translate to 1 Gigabyte per second. This particular bandwidth will effectively deal with the HVAC technician’s concerns for a remote access to the devices. The transfer…

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