Soul Essay

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PHL 210: Introduction to Philosophy
Final Project: Is there such a thing as a Soul?

The topic that I have chosen for my essay is, Is there such a thing as a “Soul”? Is the soul something different from the brain? Does the soul survive after our physical death?
There has been much speculation on if humans truly do have a soul, if the soul is the same as our brain, what happens after we die? Does our soul continue on to become something else in an afterlife? What do different religions believe happen in the afterlife? Do we stay the same just without our physical body, or is it really the end? The definition of a soul as defined in the Merriam Webster dictionary is ("Soul," 2014):
1. The spiritual part of a person that
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* Reincarnation: Our soul and spirit are reborn into another living entity - not necessarily human.
Is there such thing as a soul? I believe that each person is born with a soul. I think that the soul is what makes each person different in how they feel, love, and interpret different things. Many people think that this is what the brain is for and how it functions. In my beliefs and how I was brought up, I was taught that after the body physically dies that one’s body doesn’t function anymore but their soul either goes to heaven or hell after “judgment day”. There are many different beliefs from different cultural and religious backgrounds. I guess we will never know what will happen to us after our lives have ended until our time comes.
In objection to my position, there really is no scientific evidence to prove if there is indeed a thing as a soul. I think that it mainly goes with what one believes because after we die we usually can’t come back to tell what happened. If one believes that we don’t have a soul it’s hard to really define what the soul is. In ancient Greek philosophy they view the word soul as what gives the body life. Socrates thought that even after we are dead that the soul exits and is still able think. Socrates and Plato both believed that after our body dies that our soul continues to be born on to a different body (Lorenz, 2009). According to Aristotle's theory, a soul is a particular

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