Essay on Sonny 's Blues And The Blues

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Sonny’s Blues Connection to Home Health Nursing
James Baldwin’s, “Sonny’s Blues,” is a story about two individuals struggling on both sides of a drug addiction. Sonny is a jazz musician from Harlem, New York who gets addicted to Heroin, and is arrested for selling drugs. The other character, the one that is affected by Sonny’s addiction, is the narrator, also known as Sonny’s brother. Even though drugs are a central part of the story, it’s not only about Sonny’s struggle to reconnect with his family, but his family trying to overcome Sonny’s addiction as well.
Throughout the story, there is an overarching value that is shown through the support that Sonny’s family gives him, in particular Sonny’s brother, also known as the narrator of the story. The Jesuit value of Men and Women for and With Others, accurately signifies the deeper meaning of this text. This Jesuit value entails, sharing gifts, pursuing justice, and having concern for the poor and marginalized. Working as a community to help those around you through the good and bad times. Having special concern for those in need. The poor and marginalized people doesn’t necessarily mean poor in terms of money. Poor can also mean, lack of morals and lack of trust, etcetera. In terms of this story, Sonny is poor in terms of his morals due to his addiction to Heroin. An example of this Jesuit value in the story, is shown through what his brother says which states, “then I kept in constant touch with him and sent him whatever…

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