Sociological Imagination In Sociology

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Coined by one of the earliest sociologists C. Wright Mills, sociological imagination is the relationship between a person’s personal experiences and history of society. The sociological imagination lets us better understand why our lives is how it is and how it came to be. It can be about anything, to certain events that led up to how you are now, as a person or citizen, and the relationship of it to past events, whether it be cultural or the norms of that certain experience. Some things that might come up would be figuring out where women in our society over the century while asking the social gender norms of the past centuries and how feminism came to be in bringing equality to women. It is just about as ‘imagining’ our self away from the …show more content…
It is an important aspect of sociology because it can explain the changes in society overtime, it shows how people have changed their behaviors and attitude towards society, whether it be for good or bad. Sociological imagination enables us to think that we have other options rather than just sticking to the norms; it is how we can escape the customary opinion that a certain person have to be like the rest of the context s/he is in. It can be a great start of a social change because it can turn into an issue that other people in that culture might be suffering from. Sociological imagination have led to people changing their aspects about their situation, it have led them in successes, and failures, because they have changed their personal outlook of the situation, by looking at the origins of the problem, and creating a more satisfactory …show more content…
History shows that we, as Filipinos, get support from each other; family is the center of the Filipino social structure, reason why we have a big family but also some other factors. Some even work in the same company or hire a family member. We get strength from family and we must live up to the expectations of Filipino behaviors and family. So when a family member leaves, they are affecting a social structure that have been built by ancestors and past events. Similarly, society can affect a person’s decision in their lives comes from personal experience. From my parents perspective, they moved here in Hawai’i from the Philippines because although they got enough support from family members, they wanted us to have s better future and education. My parents does not wants us to be like how they grew up with few choices and be conservative; they wanted a more freedom ideology while maintaining Filipino values such as hardworking and

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