Social Stratification In The Caribbean

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"The system and patterns of social stratification developed in the pre - emancipation period are still relevant in the modern Caribbean. Using relevant sociological theories and empirical studies outline the extent to which you would agree with this statement in relation to a named Caribbean country."
Social Stratification and Mobility, what does it mean in Jamaica?
Education portal defines social stratification as a system by which society ranks and places categories of people in a hierarchy (Social Stratification: Definition, Theories & Examples).
Social stratification within the Caribbean stems from our colonial history. While most Caribbean countries have since gained independence, most of their social behaviours remain driven by their
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The mulattos followed this group, the slave population made up the lowest class in this era. The white population remained the superior class and among the black population, the thought was being of a lighter complexion would bring about a certain amount of prestige.
This phenomenon of white being good and black being bad continues today in Jamaica. This remains evident in the skin-bleaching phenomenon that is taking place in the lower socio-economic areas within the island. The persons who indulge in the practice of bleaching do so in the hope that it will elevate their status in society. This they hope to achieve by attracting men or women from the upper socio-economic level of society, by obtaining higher paying jobs and romance. The media further enhance this belief, where the advertisements show the image of beauty as the fair skinned, long hair female.
It is also evident in our school placements, in the past, students received placements at schools based on their address, meaning children from the lower socio-economic groups would never receive placement in one of the so called up town schools. Parents would also scramble to move their children from schools they deem beneath them, i.e. those schools located in the inner
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They see some positions as more important than others do. They therefore recommend that rewards be in place so that persons are encouraged to apply for these positions. These positions however require long hours even years of training and are often expensive. This means that persons in the lower socio-economic bracket would not be able to afford this training. At times persons in this socio-economic group say their address prevents them from getting the jobs for which they are qualified. Persons from this socio-economic group, who through hard work and perseverance, move up the social ladder are at times accused by their former neighbour as selling out, or having a roast breadfruit mentality.
According to Karl Marx, class conflict arises once the working class starts demanding more wages for their labour while the capitalist try to maximize their profits. Jamaica, examples of class conflict is evident when the working class demonstrates for better wages, better working conditions, and recognition for the work they do. Marx goes on to state that organizations generate conflict between the classes. In this Marx states the poor will become poorer while the rich become

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