Essay on Social Norms Within The Society

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Society is constructed of many expectations on the proper way to behave in a given situation, and those expectations are considered to be the norms in society. These norms are written, spoken and otherwise indicated, and are in place to create peace and harmony for all the members of society. The rules overriding these norms are divided into several categories known as folkways, mores, taboos and laws. As we compare the many rules that govern our society in the form of folkways, mores, taboos and laws, we begin to understand the value of each one, as well as the consequences for disregarding them. Out of these rules, the most severe consequences come from violating the social norms through acts of crime pertaining to criminal law.
Folkways are the standard of behavior that is considered approved within society, but not morally significant. Although there are no legal consequences for breaking one of the folkways, society may frown upon the given behavior. For instance, imagine a male teen has just left a pool and enters a convenience store in only swimwear. Although customers in the store may give him a few questionable looks for being improperly dressed, no laws have been broken and there are very little consequences for his actions. His attire was acceptable for the setting in which he just departed, however if a female teen entered the convenience store in the same attire, it would be in violation a higher level of social rules, known as mores.
Mores are…

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