Social Ladder In The Great Gatsby Essay

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In today 's world people are always attempting to climb the economic ladder, which is a contrast to people in the time period which The Great Gatsby took place. They had aspersions to climb society 's social ladder yet no ever could. These situations hold true in the cases of Myrtle and with Gatsby. Both of them want to be part of a higher group than they are. Even though they both make attempts to make their way up the social ladder neither of them ever did. These ideas support the claim that it is possible to gain economic or relationship status but it is not possible for one to gain social status.

In the Great Gatsby the idea that people in society have the ability to gain wealth although to be part of an upper classes inner circle is not possible. In the story this is shown with Gatsby 's gain in wealth but not in social position. Gatsby grew up in a lower class society on his farm in the Midwest, he barely had any money at all. But when he moved away met Bill Cody and eventually moved to New York he began to move up in classes of wealth by bootlegging liquor. He went from a small town house to an extravagant mansion in West Egg. So yes Gatsby was able to move up the economic class ladder but he was never really able to climb the social ladder. This is evident when Gatsby is attempting to get Daisy to say that she never loved Tom. Gatsby 's lower position on the social ladder than is shown when Tom says, “I suppose the latest thing is to sit back and let Mr. Nobody from Nowhere make love to your wife” (Fitzgerald
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It is clearly shown in both of the cases with Gatsby and with Myrtle. This is important to show how many people in that time period were wasteful by attempting to gain social status. When we now know that if one is not born into the upper class you will never be a part of

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