Four Types Of Capitalism

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As time goes, the politically divided by socialist and capitalist. For example, European is capitalist politically and have free marketplace which is dominant and China is socialist politically which is controlling by government.In the capitalism politically, the corporate can control profit and market system and according demand to produce goods or services. In the beginning,individual company has their own consumers. With industry increases, they have many competition.Now the global capitalist politically use international trade to rise profit in the internet.In the global market, The currencies and stock both are considering factor in the company.In the capitalism,Individual person has rights and entitlement.The private property is not …show more content…
They can distribution the resources into multifarious,but the limits are the company cannot thorough change,like to invest a new products or a services.The big firm has fixed culture and result.The last one is entrepreneurial capitalism.It is opposite of big firm.As a new firm, they can develop innovation and receive a new product and it has a little influence in the economy,but it change the society such as computer,internal,automatic and so on.These are invested by new firms.If the new firm can connect with big firms,it will appear the best result.

In my opinions,the four types of capitalism has their own benefit or defect. In the future,Maybe the oligarchic capitalism result in the widen between rich and poor people.Although the status capitalism deal problem,they cannot be a leader in the world.Between the big firm and entrepreneurship,they can work together and develop a public benefit.If I face the choose,I will be discover new technology and product to cooperate with big

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