Social Class As A Social Group Of A Society Based On Social And Economic Status

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“Social Class is a division of a society based on social and economic status” (Dictionary). There are three methods used to determine social class, objective, subjective, and reputational methods. Objective method measures people on one or more criteria. Subjective method ask people what they think of themselves. Reputational method ask what people think of others. There are also three different roles in social class system in America, Upper Class, Middle Class, and Lower Class. The upper class is the social group that has the highest status in society, this group is often referred to as socialites or aristocrats. The middle class is the social group that is the middle status in society often referred to as the working class. The lower class is the social group that is the lowest status in society often referred to as blue collar workers (Word press).
The roles of social class relating to socialization, social structure, and culture. Socialization prepares people how to participate in social groups by teaching the norms and expectations of social class. A status in social class defines a person positions in that group. There are three kinds of statuses, a status set, ascribes status, and achieved status. A status set is all the status given to a person at one time. An ascribed status is a status a person receives at birth. An achieved status is a social standing a person receives voluntarily by choice, effort, or ability. Roles in social class are set…

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