Social Class : A Society Based On Social And Economic Status Essay

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What is a social class? Social class is a division of a society based on social and economic status. Anyone can promptly observe that there are significant fluctuations in wealth, materialistic dominion, power, influence, and stature in our American society. Our society itself is a network of various social divisions. The society may be formed by a class group. These groups may pass through each other, but boundaries are outlined clearly and noticeably. When sociologists converse of social class, they attribute individuals in groups who occupy a similar position in the economic system of production. The majority of Americans recognize a three layer structure which consists of the upper, middle, and lower classes, also depicted in the gray area is an upper-middle class and a working class. These various levels of social and economic stature often shape one’s educational experience.
Education is a fundamental institution that is known worldwide, a tool that is practiced in the present-day world to prosper, while it mitigates the confrontations which are faced in life. Intelligence gained through education empowers individuals’ possibility for an achievement to be optimally utilized due to the exercising of the human mind. Society’s infrastructure is established on education considering it delivers economic and social prosperity. Achieving education embellishes an individual to acquire a valued life in society. For the sake that, the school provides an environment in which…

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