Social Anthropology : Types Of Society Essay

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How many types of society of human beings have you ever heard about? “The society we live in did not spring up overnight; human societies have evolved slowly over many millennia. However, throughout history, technological developments have sometimes brought about dramatic change that has propelled human society into its next age” (Sparknotes, n.d.). In the lecture “Introduction to Social Anthropology (1): Types of Society”, which is the first attempt with primitive films and computer equipment in Cambridge University, Macfarlane (1998) introduces four types of societies divided by social anthropologists at that time. Macfarlane’s analysis of various characteristics and features of societies let people realize the existential crisis to Hunter-Gather Society in modern world, the importance of technology to one society, and the good adaptability of human being.
In “Introduction to Social Anthropology (1): Types of Society,” Macfarlane concludes the outline for four kinds of societies according to the level of technology. They are Hunter-Gather Society, Tribal Society, Peasant Society, and Industrial or Capitalist Society respectively. According to Macfarlane, all the people who ever lived on this planet ninety per sent have been hunters and gatherers because a long history, and around 10,000 years ago, the whole of the earth are available for hunters and gatherers, but now they are pushed into the marginal lands. In addition, Macfarlane brings up two major types of Hunters and…

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