`` So Prince Zane What Are You Planning? Essay

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‘’ So Prince Zane what are you planning to do with him’’ Rodney was the first one to step forward? ‘’Sh-Shut up’’ it was coming from the prisoner’s voice ‘’I 've done nothing wrong’’! ‘’So there, so shit it’s done’’ and then that was when a door opened to the kingdom with a man with red flowing hair, red eyes, angelic skin and a man with a hat. I spinned around just in time it was Joshua. Joshua! and he was walking right up to prince Zane. Prince Zane caught his eyes and nodded. It was a peaceful nod because no words were said no words came out of his voice. ‘’How long has he been here’’? He asked Prince Zane waiting for an answer? Why is he here?’’ he too had a whip in his hand.
‘’Not long Rodney said placing himself in front of both of them’’ he arrived just momentarily’’ he said looking serious acting serious setting his tone in a high pitched voice.’’ The whipping will take place in here’’ as he lead prince Zane and the prisoner to a dislocated area. ‘’Agreed’’ Prince Zane followed him in. ‘’Michaela Rodney stepping in his tracks please ‘’taking pleasure in my eyes I will be back momentarily he said smiling he gave Joshua a nod please take as long as a stay as you will like’’. He bowed to him and then he was gone then moments later Prince Joshua and I was alone. ‘’ You look nice’’ I grinned in Joshua’s direction thank you’’ he smiled grabbing my hands into his. ‘’ I’m glad you were able to get away from my father safely’’ he said I did because of you I have you to…

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