Essay about Sleep Apne Symptoms And Symptoms

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Do you suffer from extreme fatigue during the day? Are you awakened during the night to find yourself gasping for air? If you have these symptoms, it is possible you may be suffering from obstructive sleep apnea, or OSA. There are approximately 30 million Americans who are victims of OSA. It is important for anyone who has this problem, or knows someone they care about with it to have an understanding of this condition. So what is OSA? OSA is a condition in which an individual experiences recurrent episodes during sleep when their throat closes, and they cannot breath air into their lungs (apnea). What happens during sleep, is the muscles that normally hold the throat open during waking hours, relax too much during sleep, allowing the airway to narrow. When the throat is partially closed, or the muscles relax too much, trying to inhale will completely close the throat off so that air is not able to pass at all. This is an obstructive sleep apnea episode. If an episode lasts more than 10 seconds, then it is considered to be apnea. An apneic episode in severe cases can last up to two minutes. These episodes are almost accompanied by a reduction in the level of oxygen in the blood. As long as sleep continues, the apneic episode will continue. Once the patient is aroused, this instantly increases the muscle activity of the tongue and throat muscles that enlarge the airway, allowing the patient to breath air back into the lungs. This cycle may reoccur hundreds of times a night,…

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