Essay on Slavery Vs. Indentured Servitude

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Slavery and indentured servitude were the primary means to help wealth spread in Virginia. As Virginia began to prosper, property owners were desperate for able hands. Even though work of both were the same, treatment was extremely different due to skin color. Slaves were viewed as property, indentured servants were free after their debt was paid. Slaves were treated worse than indentured servants, we know this by records found on their physical health conditions, their overall cost, their occupations, and the ages they were forced into slavery.
People who sold their labor, had overall better health than slaves. Indentured servants on the other hand had better health, debtors took better care of them. For example, a West-Country Man; He is a square well-set Fellow. Servants had their own identity, they belonged to no one but themselves. As far as descriptions go, some were vague while others were descriptive. Debtors knew more personal information about servants rather than salves. For example, one servant was described as a flat foot, Englishman by Birth, plays very well on the Violin, or Fiddle, and is a great Lover of strong Drink. After reading this runaway ad, the ad is viewed more like someone has lost a friend or family member by how kindly they talk of the servant. Another example is, Cornelius Maddin; he is an Irishman, of pretily [sic] low Stature, but very well sat, of a dark Complexion, with short black Hair, but somewhat grey with Age . There was background…

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