Essay on Sir Gawain And The Green Knight

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Sir Gawain and the Green Knight is a story that takes place in the medieval period. Henningfeld states “Written by the Pearl- Poet (also known as the Gawain-Poet)”. The actual name of the poet is unknown. The author is given nicknames based off of his famous writings. Sir Gawain and the Green Knight is about a young knight named Gawain that gets tested by The Green Knight who is really a Celtic God. The Green Knight is testing Gawain to see if Gawain is worthy enough to rule a kingdom. The Green Knight puts Gawain through a series of tests without Gawain really knowing he was being tested. Gawain learns a lot of lessons along the way of his journey, such as that it is okay to be human and fear for your life, be true to one’s word, and to show courage.

The first lesson Gawain learns is that it is okay to be human and to fear for your life when it is in danger. When Gawain goes to the lord’s castle he accepts a green sash from the lord’s wife. The lord and Gawain had made a deal that the lord will go hunting every day and bring back whatever he has won that day in return for Gawain to give the lord whatever he receives that day .The author states “She implored him again, still more earnestly, but again/ He refused it and swore on his knighthood that he could take nothing.” (125-126). Gawain believed that it would be wrong for him to take something from the lord’s wife when he cannot give her something in return. Gawain keeps declining her offerings until the lord’s wife…

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