Security, Risk Management, And Governance Essay

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Individual Project # 5 – Security, Risk Management, and Governance
This last section will inform on how to keep data secure and the risk management for moving the Widget Company to a new Cloud architecture. The Widget Company wants to make sure security threats along with risk management policies are in place to ensure protection and continue company’s growth going forward.
As for all aspects in business making sure data and policies are protected and all risk possibilities have been reviewed and will start to describe the solution herein. For data security Widget Company needs to have a specific measurable and traceable plan that meets the goals for the organization. To plan for integrity, confidentiality and the ease of integration must be the highest concern for the organization moving forward. Having a plan of action would be critical and very important to make sure not only the company but employees’ information is protected.
With the cloud integration of GoToMeeting (SaaS, IaaS) and the implementation of Apprenda (IDaaS and PaaS) the Widget Company will have a strong security protocols. From GoToMeeting’s website they are designed for maximum performance and reliability (GoToMeeting, 2015). With over 4.5 billion successful port connections with GoToMeeting you can be 100% sure the quality and transmission with be consistently high for all of the Widget’s company needs. With built in security measures like SSL encrypted websites, 128 –bit AES encryption, and a…

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