Review Of ' Tiger Rag ' By Nicholas Christopher Essay

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History of Jazz music
A surprising piece of music will stand the test of time for much longer than the musicians who have enjoyed bringing it to life. Tiger rag is undoubtedly one of those tunes and one of the first recorded jazz works. It is a piece of music first played in the early 1900s that infused blues into jazz and sent music in a new direction (Ake 16). The lost recording of this piece is followed through the years from owner to owner. Jazz was an aural tradition and unlike European fine art music, jazz is not often written down before an artist performs it. Each version of Tiger Rag expresses the freedom of improvisation in diverse ways that collectively reflect the way jazz and jazz musicians have developed throughout the century. This theme of improvisatory creativity is not only an instance of the more modern idea of solo section, but is evident in even more fundamental musical facts . However, the novel Tiger rag, written by Nicholas Christopher, outlines about jazz innovator Buddy Bolden and the mystery of whether he recorded any of his music. This outstanding novel begins on July 5, 1904 in a recording session where three cylinders were produced with the composition, Tiger rag (Christopher 34). In those days, they applied wax cylinders attached to an Edison recorder each cylinder capable of recording four minutes. This development was just one of multiple innovations of what became a new technological period.…

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