Essay about Resistance Literature As A Cultural Movement

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According to Colman McCarthy (1938- ), Resistance Literature “is defined as a cultural movement rejecting an authority or code or convention. Also, he asserted the idea that Resistance Literature is a form of objection towards someone or something through words” (Duncombe 105). While Amy Goodman (1957- ) believes that Resistance Literature” is an umbrella term for many different forms of expression of opposition whether active or passive” (Duncombe 108). Whereas Paul Roget Loeb (1952- ) claims that Resistance Literature “is the effort exerted to put an end to or to fight against someone or something struggle for national liberation and independence, particularly in the 20th Century, on the part of colonized peoples in those areas of the world over which Western Europe and North America have thought socioeconomic control and cultural dominion” (Harlow 81).

Resistance Literature has many various forms such as: - social, cultural, familial, and political one. Firstly, social resistance is explained by George H Kendall (1854-1924) as a phenomenon in which the exploited group contests the dominating practices that nation-states have constructed “social movements can provide a critical insight into social change”(Fasenfest 39) . Secondly, cultural Resistance is illustrated by Stephan Duncombe (1950- ) as the practice using words as well as symbols to combat a dominant power “cultural Resistance often speaks in a more familiar and less demanding…

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