Essay on Research On Stem Cell Research

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Stem Cell Research

My assisnged reasearch is obtaining information on how to identify stem cells and how to extract them. The main reason for stem cell reasearch is to use cells to grow new cell tissue, and to place that tissue into a human being to replace damaged or missing cells. The first thing to know is what are stem cells? Stem cells could be called the “master copy” of all the cells in your body, and their job is to divide into more cells. These daughter cells can become more stem cells, or can become a specilized cell. There are about 200 cells in the human body, and each of these 200 cells were created by a stem cell. Once you can understand what a stem cell is, you can start to understand how you would extract them from the human body. This is where it gets a little trickier, as there are two different kinds of stem cells and different ways to extract those two kinds. These are the first stems in reasearching stem cells and are very important steps in order to understand the entire process of stem cell reasearch.

A) The stem cell is an undiffenterated cell that can divide and conitnue to self-renew itself. The daughter cells to the stem cell can go on to become more stem cells, or a specified cell. Stem cells replicate themselves when there is an injury or a disease in a certain area of the body. Some places of the body do not have stem cells. When these specific areas become injured or affected by illness, there is no stem cell to replicate the…

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