Only Lovers Left Alive Analysis

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There are many religious connotations in Only Lovers Left Alive, Twilight, and Interview with a Vampire. For instance, the books and the film have common references to the book of Genesis in the bible. Therefore, God creating man from clay can be compared to vampires creating or turning other humans into vampires. As well as, the temptations of Adam and Eve from eating from the tree of knowledge can be related to the vampires and their temptations to avoid feeding from humans. Therefore, in Genesis, Adam and Eve were banished from Eden because of their sin. Thus, the characters can relate to being forced into exile or relocation for their inability to resist their temptation. Therefore, Twilight, Only Lovers Left Alive, and Interview with a …show more content…
Therefore, their inability to resist temptation caused the fall of man. In Only Lovers Left Alive, Adam and Eve introduce and alternative way of feeding. Adam purchases his blood from a doctor in a hospital, while Eve gets her blood supply from an old friend named Marlowe. However, in the film, there are indications of Adam and Eve trying to resist their temptations. For instance, while Adam is in the hospital, he sees a patient bleeding and he is directly tempted to their blood. Equally, Eve was also tempted by a passenger in a plane, who cut their finger by ironically trying to open a can of apple juice. Therefore, in Twilight, Edward is tempted to eat Bella for her scent. Edward tries to stay away from Bella, but ultimately admits that he cannot stay away from her. Thus, also promising that he will not eat her. In reference to the book of Genesis, Edward is depicted as Eve, who is tempted by Bella, who is the forbidden fruit. Likewise, in Interview with a Vampire, Louie does not want to kill people. Therefore, by trying to resist from killing, Louie turns to killing, eating rats, chicken and other animals. However, Louie ultimately gives in to temptation and feeds on Claudia. Louis felt horrible about it, and thought he left her for dead. Lestat then fed her his blood and turned Claudia. Therefore, while Louie still have respect for human life, Lestat and Claudia do not. They don’t resist

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