Reasons For Preventing Eating Disorders Essay

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Stopping Eating Disorders
Many things can led to the development of an eating disorder. The reasons why some people develop eating disorders range from peer-pressure to depression. People with eating disorders seem to be increasing as years pass. This leads to an important question. Is there an effective way to solve and put a stop to others developing an eating disorder?
Firstly, are the types of eating disorders and why people develop them. Anorexia is a type of eating disorder that involves people refusing to eat or eating extremely small amounts of food and exercise vigorously. Researchers hypothesize that anorexia may be caused by biological, psychological, and social factors (Ross-Flanigan 1329). One possible cause is that the parents of the people that develop anorexia are too overprotective and have set impractically high expectations from them (Ross-Flanigan 1329). A reason why this may cause people to develop an eating disorder, is that they are under such immense pressure to fulfill their parents’ ideals. Because of this pressure that they feel, they could start to think that not eating is the solution, or even that the stress causes them to not want to eat. Additionally, not eating may be the child’s way of rebelling against their parents and the expectations that their parents have set for them. These are several reasons on why people could develop anorexia, and yet there are many more causes of this eating disorder.
There are various other causes of…

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