Essay about Ray Bradbury 's Fahrenheit 451

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Technology and media play a significant role in most people 's lives in today 's society. Digital devices are starting to rule over people 's lives. In Fahrenheit 451, Ray Bradbury illustrates a fictional society that revolves around electronics. The people living in Bradbury 's creation are brainwashed by the government, almost programmed to be the same, with a world in which reading books is illegal. The novel sends a clear warning to the real world showing how electronics can destroy freedom and independence. Ray Bradbury created Fahrenheit 451 as a warning to society, hinting at the fact that the increasing amount of technology results in the lack of privacy, people in need being able to get real medical assistance, and tangible knowledge. Today 's society has privacy issues soaring, just like the world in Bradbury 's novel, in which the community did not have any confidentiality. As humans continue to crave convenience, large technological companies are starting to add features to make products easier to use. However, the consumers do not realize that in order for them to receive such large amounts of convenience, they are sacrificing their privacy. Some of Samsung’s new Smart Televisions ship off “...voice data to an unnamed third party—presumably for the purpose of translating the speech to text”(Newman). This perfectly illustrates how today’s latest technology is invading privacy, one step at a time. People who use the voice command feature on their…

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