Essay on Random Family By Adrian Nicole Lablanc

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Adrian Nicole LaBlanc, author of, Random Family provides an enthralling perspective into the lives of individuals in a street life society caught in the turmoil of drugs, prostitution, crime, and homelessness. The struggles depicted in LaBlanc’s book are those experienced by many generations trapped in the tumultuous cycle of the street life throughout the world.

Throughout history members of society have developed ghettos, urban and rural areas, and country clubs, all of which divide individuals according to their economic status. In that regard, statistics illustrates one’s socio-economic status based on the income he or she has either inherited, accomplished, earned or has been given; hence, the division of the classes. In perspective, depending on how economically privileged one is may influence the schema he or she develops later in life. Perhaps a fallacy: depending on the point of reference.

Unfortunately, the hindrance over one 's perception of life naturally resonates with his or her established kinship. Imagine life in the ghetto that is nationally recognized as the roughest neighborhood to reside within New York City, aka “The Bronx.” Surely an inhabitable area: primarily for minorities and authorities. The distinction of male or female has no relevance to the operant conditioning he or she will endure; as a result, one can become part of a syndicate due to the pervasive environment. Consequently, the negative inference of the ghetto…

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