Radar Surveillance Is The Primary Tool For Monitoring The Health Of Communities

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Passive disease surveillance is the primary tool for monitoring the health of communities. It relies on healthcare providers, laboratories and other entities to provide information to LHDs for all reportable conditions in the Commonwealth. LHD staff review and follow up on the reports, ensuring that appropriate public health measures are implemented to protect ill persons and their contacts. Information is also reported to the VDH central office, which provides technical assistance to LHDs and reviews and compiles data for the entire state. In addition, VDH has implemented electronic disease surveillance at LHDs across the state, which allows LHD staff to enter the reportable disease cases into the Virginia Electronic Disease Surveillance System (VEDSS). Radiological and nuclear health effects are reportable as ‘unusual occurrence of disease of public health concern’. Syndromic Surveillance

Syndromic surveillance is an enhanced surveillance tool that may assist in the early detection of disease events, including potential radiological incidents. Chief complaint data are received daily from participating emergency departments or urgent care facilities and categorized into selected disease syndrome categories. The syndrome categories are large groupings of complaints, such as gastrointestinal illness, respiratory illness and rash illness.

ESSENCE is a system that supports enhanced surveillance within Virginia. It provides graphic and tabular displays of…

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