Racial Tension And African Americans Essay

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A problem over the decades that will never be gone is racial tension. From the earliest of times, we have had slavery and throughout writing we have had the views of slavery writers. Each literary movement brought more and more views of the perspective of an African-Americans life. Then, we had African-Americans capturing in their owns words how they viewed white people; how they portray each other in their own ways. The mid 1800’s -1900’s was a time of slavery, even though there was a change in segregation, racial views were still the same.
Throughout the literary movements, racial conflict has always been a major factor. Slavery had been a part of America until it was abolished by the thirteenth amendment in 1865. Even though this was done, there were still high tensions on slavery between people who believed blacks deserve to be free and those who did not. The world was starting to open up and grow and with that blacks started fighting even harder for their rights. No one could ever truly see a slave 's point of view, but when they wrote about it they could. Once slavery was abolished, blacks started writing their point of view on how they still were not equal no matter what rights were thrown their way. In “Civil Rights in America: Racial Voting Rights” by Neil Foley, Peter Iverson, and Steven F. Lawson it states, “the right of impartial suffrage” and sent a delegation, headed by the ex-slave and abolitionist Frederick Douglass, to meet with President Andrew Johnson,…

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