Racial Segregation And The Civil Rights Movement Essay

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In the 1900s, African Americans faced a lot of discrimination due to color barriers. The play Fences deals with boundaries that hold people back and the trials and tribulations they face when trying to cross them. The author August Wilson focuses on Troy a fifty-three year old man who struggles with providing for his family. Wilson’s Fences reveals the anger toward the racism that failed Troy’s attempt at achieving the American Dream, therefore causing him to establish fences between him and his loved ones. Prior to the civil rights movement in the 1950s, many African-Americans faced racial segregation. They were restricted from certain institutions like schools and churches. African-Americans were also not allowed to use the same restroom or eat at the same restaurant as the White population. Segregation also affects one 's ability to receive a job, promotion or any other employment benefit based on the persons sick color or race. Wilson’s Fences signifies the social barriers imposed on blacks during the period of racial segregation. Cory and Troy Maxson’s father-son relationship is anything but desirable. Troy Maxson builds a fence between him and his son Cory because he wants to have control. Cory constantly works to better himself and excel at football, but his father fails to accept that. A recruiter gave Cory the opportunity to go to college by playing football but Troy refuses to sign the papers due to his fear of racial discrimination. Troy lets…

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