punishment for petty crimes Essay

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Type of essay: Text based
Text used: “Her Majesty’s Prison” by Christian Pratt

Stripped, probed, re-dressed and endowed with the status of convict.” Is this what you would want to endure for a simple traffic violation of no seat belt, running a red light or dark tinted windows? Or would you prefer a traffic school session or two, picking up garbage on a Saturday morning or paying a fine? I would gladly prefer the latter. The prison has a “revolving door” as if welcoming persons to come again. We need to replace this door with job services and opportunities and quality rehabilitation. A prison term is not the answer to petty crimes in our Bahamian society. The jail house is already surpassed its max capacity, take away persons there
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The prison system also affects citizens through having to compete for the use of government funds. Removing persons out of Fox Hill that have committed crimes on the lesser stage would prove a gracious relief on the prison officers, other inmates, and societies pockets. We have all heard the cry of the conditions of the prison, and that is simply because of severe overcrowding. Speaking with a high ranking officer at Fox Hill prison I was informed that the government spends an average of $16.00 per day, per inmate (a total of $5,840.00 per year, per inmate), and this is food service alone, not having taken into consideration the hospital bills and living accommodations provided at no cost to them- the prisoners. This is money that can be restructured into the budget for education: school books, computers and upgrades and heath care facilities. Teachers and medical personnel always need supplies. However, a crime was committed; and laws are made to be obeyed. Drugs – illegal, fire arms- illegal, assault –illegal! Many persons will say you do the crime; you do the time. Yes you need to do the time for your crime, but why mot spend that time cleaning up your country, or lending a hand with the elderly or with less fortunate children? The cost of housing an inmate far diminishes the utility derived from having them in society. Every person incarcerated is taking away from the human capital of the country. This is now creating a loss in

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