Protest And Mysticism : The Rastafari Cult Of Jamaica Essay example

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In Protest and Mysticism: The Rastafari Cult of Jamaica , Kitzinger expresses her varying opinions about the beliefs and customs of the Rastafarian religion, which she experiences first hand. She introduces the “politico-religious” (240) cult ,as the outcast of individuals who inhabit the “wastelands” (242) of Jamaica , and who believe that “the white world [is] the devil” and that the true “promised land” (243) is Africa. Rastas condemn their Jamacian citizenship because it is associated with a displacement of their people that was a plague of the western world. While the majority of the country practices Christianity, it is seen as a sin for brethren to participate in things of the white world, even though most of the cults teaching are based on interpretations from the Old Testament. Although they condemn Christians, the Rastas also believe that their religion is not an assimilated one, but one that a man must be born into. The Rasta man possess something “within himself” that consist of his “nature” and “art” , which of course, he has to be born with. Rastas were discriminated against by policemen not only for the possession of marijuana but also for the violence that was associated with their culture. Many of the earlier Rasta men held revolts when they were not given passage to Africa. Some cases even
Rastamen greeting Hailee Selassie in Jamacia, in their best dressed because it was the prescence of “God” involved the sacrificing of children into a fire. Due to…

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