Propaganda During World War II Essay

1359 Words May 20th, 2016 6 Pages
Propaganda has been a tool used to persuade people for as far as anyone could go back, but during World War II propaganda was used to persuade the people into enlisting into the armed forces to fight in the war, conserve necessities so they can be sent to the soldiers fighting, help finance the war by investing in bonds, and provide everything needed for the people fighting. It was all over including on posters, in pamphlets, over radio broadcasts, and in movies to help reel people into helping out with the war effort. It was plastered everywhere so that would be all anyone saw from when they woke up in the morning to do their daily routines until they fell asleep at night, they were consciously and subconsciously told what to do and what was ‘right’ all of the time. It was used in a way to get into people 's heads, that if they did what was on these posters and advertisements they were doing the right thing. It was also used to pull at people’s emotions in good and bad ways, and the words were like ammunition for the war. World War II propaganda has played a large role in American Culture. Almost anybody or a member of their family has taken part in the war somehow due to all of the propaganda around influencing them. Families now in this generation all have someone that they can look back on that took part in the war, not everyone fought in the actual combat of the war, but their lives were so influenced by the war in many different ways. Americans had been…

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