Prohibition Of Alcohol, Prohibition, And Prohibition Essay

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The roaring twenties was an era that consisted of gangs, speakeasies, and bootlegging. During Prohibition sometimes referred to as the "Noble Experiment" the United States announced that the sale and manufacturing of beverages that contained intoxicating liquor were illegal from 1920 to 1933. This action was known to many as the temperance movement, which had tons of supporters across the nation. The temperance movement of the 1920s failed because the demand for alcohol was not eliminated among many Americans, and the law was hard to enforce due to numerous illegal acts produced by it. The elimination of alcohol provides many opportunities for Americans to focus more on life than getting wasted at a bar. The Prohibition of alcohol will cut down on DUIs, and other alcoholic crimes. All in all, many Americans were not willing to stop drinking and selling alcohol, which started the use of bootlegging and speakeasies. Prohibition brought gangsterism, which at times turf battles would occur between rival criminal gangs. To start off, Prohibition was introduced in January of 1920 to get rid of alcohol. The president at the time was Woodrow Wilson and he ordered prohibition to save materials "In 1917, after the United States entered World War I, President Woodrow Wilson instituted a temporary wartime prohibition in order to save grain for producing food" (Prohibition). The nation wanted alcohol to become illegal because it went against God 's will. Also, many Americans thought it…

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